Favorite restaurant breads [NJ]

So I went to salt creek last night to get a few Carton beers specifically. They have BDG on tap which I love. Anyway, I ordered the pork chop and got some of the bread. I forgot how good the bread is there. Where are your favorite breads?

I have to think about it more but a few local spots for me:

Char’s pretzel rolls
Pastaria has top notch bread
Nikos in long branch
Not great but when dunked in garlic shrimp juice Costa Verde bread is a real treat!
Oh and the garlic/chili Naan at haldi chowk is tasty.

@VikingKaj there is a 25 Groupon for 15 I just saw…going to pick one up.

Good bread can really start the meal off right for me.

My first thought was Mastori’s–haven’t been there in decades, but those little cheese-filled buns were a treat when we were kids!

That’s cheating. Everything is great dunked in garlic shrimp juice.

I was trying to think of my favorite restaurant breads and the first two that popped in my head were the rolls you get at Golden Corral and the biscuits and Red Lobster. And I’m not sorry!


Yessss! I can tank a freaking basket of those things myself. Good call Joon. I’ve never been to the golden buffet yet.

Speaking of eating too much, here is your laugh of the day…

Big + One for that garlic naan, that stuff is awesome.

I don’t know where they get it, but the sandwich bread roll at Brennan’s is also really good.

We should start a NJ bakery thread, that would be useful information.

Medusa Stone Fired in Asbury uses their own bread in dishes which call for bread. It paired wonderfully with the fresh mushrooms. Its use in the French onion soup is, to me, perfect.

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Oooh…didn’t know they served it with soup! I’ve picked up a couple of small loaves since they opened and they’re excellent. Same holds true for Talula’s bread!

@corvette_johnny Thank you for pointing out this thread to me. There is nothing I love on this earth more than good bread. I’m assuming this is more for complimentary breads given by a restaurant? Here’s two below.


Portuguese Bread at Portuguese Manor (Perth Amboy). Served warm. Crispy on the outside, a bit spongy inside. Great with butter or dredged through the garlic oil that comes with their shrimp appetizer.


Hard to believe this little selection is free, and they will keep bringing it to you. Nonna’s in Englishtown. The oils and caponata are good, but I am still drawn to that butter. There’s almost no need for an appetizer with this stuff.


Wow Nonna’s look killer! Nice pic. I have to try that out

Interesting thread revived, here are some of my favorite breads:

Raven and Peach - they have a wonderful raisin oat bread. My wife enjoys it so much they literally gave us a loaf to take home one time.

Fernandez - great individual Portuguese rolls served with an awesome reduced balsamic and olive oil dipping sauce. (some hot peppers too)

La Griglia - they have a nice bread assortment that includes an individual raisin and oat roll similar to the loaf from Raven. They also have other breads but particularly good are bread sticks, and olives they give you as well.

Steak 85’ - individual pretzel roll. (they offer a few choices but only chumps don’t take the pretzel roll) Honorable mention (or perhaps separate thread potential) also the BEST bar snack, truffle popcorn!!

Peter Lugers - onion rolls!!! As much as I love Ben and Jacks / Empire Steakhouse they lack the onion rolls of their mentor Lugers.

Jimmy’s - excellent Italian bread basket. The BEST free antipasto at the bar as a “snack”.

Christine’s - while the bread is a “good” individual slices of garlic bread, the roasted peppers served with it get’s a mention in this thread.

Arthur’s Steakhouse - while this is a garlic bread you have to order, aka not free, it was the most butter soaked garlicy decadent garlic bread EVER!! (probably a 3000 calorie loaf of bread)


OMG! I love those onion rolls!!! Nothing like them elsewhere.


Was recently served the most amazing bread at One 18 Bistro in Deal.

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Esposito’s in Matawan

I know their sesame seed crust pizza is supposedly “famous”, but I have always preferred their meals to their pies. And they also have a killer roast pork/broccoli rabe/provolone sub.

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Interesting, any pics of this? Have you tried the rendition at Philly’s in ATL?

Unfortunately I do not. Ate it before I realized, “Oh shit! I take pictures of my food!”

No problem. So I need to head to Keyport this week to see my accountant. What should I try that way? The pork sub, the Mexican shrimp, etc? I can’t go wrong with scallops at the fishery but I want to try something new I think :slight_smile:

Los Corrales. Camarones ala Diablo. You have no other option. :smiley:

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Can’t have a discussion about NJ restaurant breads without the Walpack Inn.

OK I’m sold. So do I go there tonight or try the neelam buffet? I’m in the mood to tank some food tonight. I rarely do buffets but I’m kind of in a buffet mood.

Neelam does have a decent buffet. Not sure if they will be hopping/turning over regularly since it is a Sunday night, but you cannot go wrong with bottomless chicken makhni and naan bread.

For me, Los Corrales is better as a lunch spot.