Favorite Recipe Sites?

Cool - thanks! I never really noticed that before because I usually stop halfway down the first page when I’m searching…

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That Goooooooooogle used to be the first thing you saw!


I find I have less patience for the ATK / SE “this is the BEST /MOST AUTHENTIC” spin these days.

As with the comment about cardamom, so much is subjective - I read several versions, figure out what’s common / necessary, what seems out of place or adapted or not to my own taste in some fashion, and go from there.

Reference Sites:
Epicurious (newer BA recipes I sometimes find less reliable)
NYT (very occasionally WaPo or LATimes if they pop up)
SE (old articles/recipes - the redo is not to my liking, especially as its mostly rehashing with article comments removed)
ATK (usually the recipes are on PBS affiliates if you don’t pay for subscription)
Food52 (not always reliable, but I like the Genius recipes section) / TheKitchn
WoksofLife (Chinese) / Chinasichuanfood
Guardian / BBC (especially for Ottolenghi or Madhur Jaffrey type recipe sources)

For international food, I will more often use a blog (via instagram or google) by someone of that culture, because it comes with more relevant commentary than ATK/SE west-washing. For example for Indian food, I’ll use direct sources I already know - or set the search region at the top to India to start with local recipes (rather than a westernization because my default region is US).

When I was looking for Ethiopian recipes, I took to YouTube because I couldn’t find enough relevant sources via recipe search. That involved watching videos that weren’t in English, but the method was illustrated much better than any recipe sheet (and the ingredients were either listed or obvious).

For baking, it varies much more.


Lately, I visit BBC Good Food a lot

Felicity Cloake’s Perfect column in the Guardian has been a pandemic go-to for me


I’ve made basque cheesecake a few times now. And Felicity’s version includes adding creme fraiche, really makes a tasty difference.


FWIW, it was just announced that Food52 is expanding into more lifestyle branding. https://food52.com/p/welcome-schoolhouse

What I’m noticing more and more is that sites that started by cultivating a food spending community often become the gateway consumers for loftier branding goals. So many food sites are becoming lifestyle portals to shopping experiences. Which may likely mean a new wave of food based/recipe based sites are going to be welcomed.


Handy for visual learners (like me).


About a year ago, the Bon Appetit offshoot Healthyish had an IG post about vibrators. Win some new followers, lose some old followers, I suppose.

Ha! You made my point beautifully!

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I know people who have worked at these places - the holy grail is merchandise, that’s where the money is.

I understand why. I’m just a purist when it comes to resources.
Cross promotion like this also comes to mind.


Perhaps for some… to me it just tastes nasty (especially in baked goods).

I’m not a fan of the bitter tones, or the texture.

Two that immediately come to mind are preserved ginger and mushroom soy. You can do these way better with fresh ingredients (IMHO).

I love cardamom.

To the point of seeking out baked goods containing cardamom (Julekage, Kannelbullar, Pulla) and trying every cardamom latte sold in Toronto.


I’ve now been posting on foodie bulletin boards for 20+ years.

The topic of Ick still comes up, which leads to the topic of no accounting for taste, don’t yuck other peoples’ yums, your mileage may vary, etc.



Yeah I’m with you (fwiw my friend exited)

Is the topic of Ick with a capital I a thing, or just the usual ick as in some people’s icky?

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It’s not a thing in terms of food icks, just what other posters decide to tell others they found icky (or nasty )

There is an Ick, in terms of catching an Ick , when you suddenly don’t like a crush or your partner anymore, and can’t put a finger on why, in some online dating advice articles. Lol. High level scholarship there.

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Oh. Okay. Good to know, especially for holidays with the “kids” I think. I’ll just add I abhor the term “nasty”. How subjective is that?

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LOL… when it comes to cardamom, I stand by my original assessment. Never used it before, and after paying the better part of ten bucks for a small jar, and using a small amount in a cake had me tossing it after tasting the results.

Never again.

What can I say… it’s just not for me. (c;


There’s also no accounting for taste when it comes to words :rofl:
There are dozens of words I abhor, and this year , I’ve begun to hate “actually”.

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In song lyrics, it can be a good thing.
In food, not so much.

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