Favorite place to buy turkey in the Bay Area?


Thanksgiving is almost here- what’s your favorite source of bird locally?

Here’s a list of available turkeys from a few butchers in the Bay Area:


SFBA Thanksgiving 2016
(Gary Soup) #2

This was my 2013 turkey dinner.

Chinatown. Whole, half, or quarter Cantonese roasted turkeys for around $3.25/lb., IIRC, along Stockton St. and they don’t taste like wood pulp.

King Tin (now defunct) let you bring you own and they would roast it, Cantonese style, for a fee. Some of the Stockton St. charcuteries might offer that option.


(hs) #3

Was going to go to r&g (SF) for thanksgiving but they said they were completely booked so decided to play safe and went to One Market (SF) for their thanksgiving prix fixe. Better than I expected ( was able to request all dark meat for example which turned out to be very good)