Favorite meatballs?

Who serves your favorite meatballs? Italian, Chinese, Russian, you name it.

I’m fond of Pasta Gina’s meatballs. I’ll need to revisit them to figure out what I like about them, but they’ve been tops since I first had them earlier in the year (they’re a take-out place that sells fresh made pastas, lasagnas, and some salads, Diamond and 24th in Noe Valley).

The beef and pork albondigas in adobo at Comal. One serving is 3 meatballs, and it takes a lot of willpower to share them.

The Flytrap - Pistachio Meatballs

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Luca Cuccina, in Berkeley on San Pablo just south of University, has some of my favorite meatballs. The meatball hero on Acme ciabatta is one of the best around.

Also, the meatball appetizer at Kokkari in San Francisco.

I always liked the spaghetti and meatballs at Lo Coco’s on Shattuck.

I’m a fan of those sicilian-style meatballs as well.

Lessee, Lion’s Head - I usually hit Su Hong Palo Alto, liked Little Shanghai in San Mateo.

You’re good about promoting The Flytrap, and deservedly so. Those are good meatballs, and I’m glad he decided to make them permanent menu items-- they used to just be one day a week.

Thanks! I’ll have to check them out.

I generally find meatballs very tasty, but hard to tell one meatball from another, if they’re the straight up italian kind. For example, we usually get the meatballs if we go to Delfina Palo Alto, but I can’t say they’re exceptional. Tasty, sure. Those pistachio meatballs are different enough and memorable.

Italian - Beretta has a dish they do, I think it’s pork and beef mince, love these.

Second, Perbacco has a starter dish they do, I think this is veal and pork, and this is outstanding as well.

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