Favorite Italian Restaurants? (NY/Con)

We eat out so infrequently that I am always looking for restaurant recommendations. This time, I’d love to find an Italian restaurant for an upcoming birthday celebration. I’m not looking for a generic red sauce joint, but something a little more different and creative. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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This place is relatively close to me so it makes it hard to say whether a destination or not and can’t even decide if it’s a typical red sauce joint or not but one of the few Italians I’ve been going to is Trattoria Vivolo over in Harrison. It’s housed in basically an old diner.The other day, I was in the mood for chicken scarpariello - not on their menu, but an Italian "stir-fry was close. They also had a pork chop with what was basically chicken scarpariello but with a pork chop, so I asked if they could make that with chicken instead “of course, anything you want”. It was excellent. They also have “specials” posted each day.

I have two suggestions. The first is actually in Ridgefield but is a terrific place and not red sauce by any stretch.

The other would be Rraci in Brewster. A little more traditional Italian but excellent.


I have to agree to disagree with you on Vivolo. I went with a work group and found the place uncomfortable and I couldn’t even tell you what I ate there. People do love it though. Maybe it’s me!

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