Favorite Holiday Gift Food Mail Order Companies

Have you used a food gift mail order company to send a gift or buy something special for yourself? Have you received a food gift through a mail order group that you’ve been excited about and wouldn’t mind receiving again? Any duds out there? Looking for advice here. There have been some changes over the last few years and I’m curious what others think.

I love to gift the beautiful meat from Heritage Foods.

Last year I used Goldbelly to send my brother some Langer"s pastrami. Delivery was perfect, and he was thrilled with the package.

Def’ would use them again. The link above will get new customers $25 off their first order.


My mother sends me a box from Omaha Steaks from time to time. I’ve liked everything she has sent. I do think the packages are a bit pricey, but my mother doesn’t know what to buy me. Nothing goes to waste and it is something I can use.
“Sunshine” and I have enjoyed ALL of the contents!!

I tried them during the height of the pandemic. I can’t comment on their steaks as I ordered seafood, chicken, and sides… but what I received was incredibly average or worse - at ridiculous prices given the poor quality.

It was edible… but I would never order it again. I’d rather have cans of Progresso soup and Tonnino’s tuna from WalMart online. (c;

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I’ve heard terrible things about Omaha Steaks.

I do love Goldbelly. So much variety (almost a bit too much - I got a $100 gift card for my birthday, and found the choices overwhelming) and very reliable.

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I can’t speak to the seafood, as I’ve never received any seafood in the packages.

I’ve sent baskets from Wine Country that have been well-received–they have a variety so that baskets for families with kids can focus on sweets while the adults get wine, cheese, crackers, etc. I also have had good luck with DiBruno Bros, which offer high-end Italian goodies (they are very popular here in Philly) and have a good selection of sweet and savory.

When I was sick last year, I received a soup gift from Spoonful of Comfort–the soup was very good as were the rolls and cookies. But it was more soup than I could handle, so I sent 1/2 home with my sister. She and BIL liked it so much I have since sent them a gift of their own (and BIL is an accomplished soup maker).

I have received Cheryl’s cookies several times . . . meh. And I’ve been gifted a few Harry & Davids baskets containing some hits and misses (in my experience fruit doesn’t travel well but their snack mixes are pretty good).

I’ve used over a dozen over the past 10 Xmases:

Off the top of my head:
Russ & Daughters
Murray’s Cheese

I’ve received
Rancho Gordo
Mala Project

This year, I packed up a bunch of local stuff and I’m mailing it today.

Lots of tips here
Do You Send Food Gifts For The Holidays?

Oh yeah! I’ve gifted ppl with cheese subscriptions from Murray’s. Pricey but v good.

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I buy baking supplies (chocolate, marzipan, vanilla, etc.) from the Vanilla Food Company, located north of Toronto. Their shipping charge within Canada for any amount of stuff is $7, and to the U.S. is $17. They frequently have free shipping for amounts over $100.


I’ve had good experiences with:

Harry and David

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The Zingerman’s package that includes 3 separate surprise gifts over 3 months was a fun gift to give.

Thanks - I’ll let my husband know!

Sees Candies - we send their Nuts & Chews to several family members and a 2 lb. box to ourselves every Christmas for many years (but none for us this year because DH has been dx’d with Type 2 diabetes - can be abated by dietary changes so no candy for us!!)


See’s is great! I forgot about them because they’re local here, and the people we used to send candy to moved here.

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I just ordered from Nuts.com for the first time as a gift for my DH - surprised how fast shipping was, supposed to arrive on Saturday. He’s on a thin line into Type 2 diabetes and has been substituting nuts for his previous snacks. I bought salted premium cashews, macadamia nuts and peptitas. To get free shipping, I added barley and bronze extruded orzo.


I’ve been very happy to receive gifts from Rancho Gordo and Burlap & Barrel spices. I would personally pass on Beechers cheese of the month club, because I was looking for variety, but every package, without fail, had 1 of the 3 cheeses sent be their own Beecher’s Flagship, which is basically just cheddar. Once was good, every time was not.

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I was so excited to see a See’s outpost in the Denver airport and Minneapolis St Paul airport on ski trips out west, when I didn’t visit California.

We used to bring back 2 or 3 lbs from California on most trips.


I have family members who are big cheese hounds. I went the usual routes of ordering gifts from Murray’s and so on for a few years, then decided to find cheese shops local to them which offered something similar. This was a big hit - everyone involved was thrilled.