Favorite Coffee in the Boston, MA area

It seems as though several new coffee places have opened up the the Boston area in the past few months, but I haven’t done a great job of jotting them down. Maybe it’s time to have a thread that lists old favorites and new places all in one spot.

My husband and I often head to Area 4 in Kendall for our espresso/cappuccino fix on a Saturday morning after brunch, and grab one of their fabulous pastries to split for dessert. Much of their coffee is from Barrington.

Voltage Coffee in Kendall is becoming another outpost for Barismo, according to Eater Boston.

Yesterday, we were in JP having brunch at the Centre Street Cafe and remembered to visit 7 Pond Coffee Bar off of Centre Street. It is owned by the same person(s) who owns Cafe Fixe in Brookline, our other favorite spot for espresso drinks. We had wonderful Barrington espresso and plan to head back soon.

So, what are your favorites?

Gracenote (best nitro cold brew, excellent espresso drinks, fairly priced drip coffee, expensive fancy pastries brought in from Townsman across the street)

Area Four (solid espresso drinks and drip coffee, generally good homemade pastries, amazing breakfast sandwich)

4A (friendly family-run operation, excellent espresso drinks, limited pastry, limited bench-only seating)

Forge (authentic PDX-style espresso service, friendly hipsters, creative latte options that really work, fantastic scones and muffins, misguided attempts at laminated dough)

Render Coffee (notable for their signature hazelnut latte made with homemade hazelnut paste that tastes of hazelnuts, not the typical syrup product used in other hazelnut-flavored foods; grab a croissant from Cafe Madeline down the block)

3 Little Figs, Somerville. Gimme! coffee, home made pastries and sandwiches including lavender almond scones and donut muffins to die for. Sophia’s Greek yogurt available in case you can’t make it to Belmont.

I’ve been liking the coffee (and prices) at Nine Bar Espresso, new in Davis square by the owners of Simon’s. They are going through some growing pains about where to source their pastries- first they were from Iggy’s, then they weren’t.

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Been a fan of George Howell Coffee in Newtonville. On our first visit to Boston Public Market this weekend I see they’ve expanded. I guess the “no compete” clause has officially expired; more outlet’s on the horizon?

I really like the coffee at the “Mud House” on Neponset Av. in Dorchester. I believe it’s regular old Victor(restaurant/hotel blend) coffee. Its just a great get me going cup of coffee anytime. Real good breakfast sandwiches and lunch sandwiches and in the colder months very good soups.
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Another vote here for Nine Bar Espresso in Davis Square. Their espresso is terrific and their drip coffee’s become a regular treat; they use Gracenote beans, and wow, it’s good stuff. Their food prices are also a bit lower than both Diesel and Starbucks, which is refreshing!

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While I never get to any of the gourmet coffee houses about town (none really near me or near work), I absolutely love the Italian roast coffee they serve at The Allston diner. It’s rich, robust, and is my favorite restaurant coffee that I’ve had in Boston.

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The Middle Gray Cafe in Brookline Village has really nice drip and Americanos. Strong & smooth.

(OT, the milo hot chocolate is a little too mild (tastes more like steamed milk), but I may ask if they can make it a little stronger if I’m in the mood for cocoa.)

This is a helpful thread, everyone. Thanks. Now I’m actually making a list to consult for when we’re out and about looking for our fix.

The best (judged by espresso and pour over, I don’t do milk drinks):
3 little figs, Somerville
Cafe Fixe, Brookline
Voltage, Cambridge Kendall
Gracenote, downtown
George Howell coffee, Newton

I have yet to try Nine Bar, but I’m excited to learn about it. The Simon’s team is competent, and the Davis cafe scene could surely use the competition.

Honorable mention:
Crema, Harvard sq
Thinking cup, downtown
Dwelltime, Cambridge

There are a few mentioned elsewhere on this thread that I have not yet tried, and need to. Great to hear about new places.

My favorite of coffee specialty shops is Voltage in Kendall too.

Great thread! The Boston area is overflowing with good coffee and yet our collective thirst seems to match it.

The cafe at Loyal Nine is my favorite destination for a lazy morning. One unique item is their “one and one” is which is a split espresso service: a shot and a macchiato. The handmade ceramics are a nice bonus.

Amazed no one has mentioned Loyal Nine yet! Render and Three Figs are fantastic, but Loyal Nine is in a class of its own in this area: strong, creamy, delicious.

Also, the biscuits. [swoon]

It’s not strictly a coffee shop and there are no espresso drinks but Clover in Kendall is the most consistent morning cup of coffee along my commute. It demonstrates how key the choice of beans is to the outcome. Last week, I had one of the best pourovers in memory, done in a wholly unscientific fashion, no scales or timers. The dude just nailed it! The beans were Buena Esperanza from Barismo. Even though I take coffee black, it was so delicious that I’m tempted to describe it as “fatty” (even though that probably sounds terribly unappealing!)

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