[Faviken, Sweden] Looking for two new friends to come eat with us at Faviken!

Hello! We will be travelling from Canada to Norway/Sweden in September 2017 and are looking for 2ppl to share a table with us at Faviken on Tuesday Sept 12th or 13th. It’s my ultimate culinary dream to experience a meal at this restaurant but they only have tables left for 4 people.We’re on the waiting list, but I want to put all the chances on our side to actually get there!
If any one is interested please reply or if you have any ideas of other message boards/forum’s I could use to reach out to people please let me know!

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Interesting dining room…

I saw Faviken episode in season 1 Chef’s Table, amazing restaurant in the remote country side. Actually, you can’t tell the restaurant you are only 2, they will have no problem in filling your table with another 2 ppl.

Tried, they really want to reserve the table for 4. They were super nice about it though and put me on a waiting list so I’m patiently waiting. That is unless we can find two others looking for a culinary adventure to join us! Fingers crossed.
I saw them for the first time on Mind of a Chef too - love that series.

Good luck with your reservation. Maybe you can try posting also in Tripadvisor food forum…

What’s your plan in other restaurants’ choices in Sweden and Norway? I will like to eventually visit Stockholm again (last visit was in May, 2015) and to other parts of Sweden. But unfortunately DH’s work forbid him to travel this coming September.

By the way, welcome to Hungry Onion! So you are a new member! You can have a look in your local Canadian board to see if there is something interesting. Have fun.

The only other ones I’ve really spotted and added to the list are:

  1. Cornelius - just outside Bergen
  2. Maaemo - Oslo
  3. Borsen - Lofoten

We’ll be travelling with a camp stove and basics so the rest will likely be local purchase and picnic.
Have you ever been to Norway - any suggestions for spots to visit?

Loving the Hungry Onion - I didn’t even know this site existed until a friend suggest I post here regarding the reservation for Flaviken. This site will be kept on my research list for futur trips!

I was in Stockholm a year ago and wrote a trip summary here on HO.

I tried searching your posts but can’t find it (I’m new here - may not be searching in the right place) Can you point me in the right direction - would love to read it!

Sure thing, here it is! See at the end of the thread for the summary: