Fat Ni BBQ Carr [Flushing, queens]

Our first stay in flushing, we saw a bbq skewer cart on Roosevelt but passed it by. Since then we have tried to find one to no avail. But last night this cart was up and bustling.

We scored last night. We arrived around 8pm to a crowd, some chowing down on skewers, some waiting. It took almost 10 minutes for us to order as they had to put out a grill full of orders and then rake the coals and rebuild the fire which took both guys there.

But finally we ordered a round of 5 skewers: 2xlamb, eggplant, chinese chives and gizzards for $10. They were so good that any idea of restraint went. There are benches and a tree so you can sit and eat if there is room. We chatted with a couple as we waited. The skewers were very well spiced with cumin, chili flakes and salt.

Round 2 followed with 6 skewers for $15: 2 x wings, cauliflower, mystery organ, enoki, and lamb innards. The cauliflower was nothing special, but the rest were scrumptious. I like the lamb innards. It was listed as kidney, but there were chunks of kidney, liver and small cubes of fat. It was funky, juicy and delicious

We grabbed a sour plum juice from the stand next door.

When they take the skewers off the fire, the tips get burnt and they cut it off with a scissors. So our meal was syncopated by a steady stream of snip snip sounds.

What fun