Fast food we wish was in NJ (from

From Pete 14 fast food chains we wish were in N.J…

Some Hawaiian food and that fast food Caribbean joint would be great.

Would you guys call Nj a BBQ wasteland?

While I’m very happy that Jersey Shore BBQ East Brunswick is so near to us (just ate there yesterday and, as usual, everything we had was delicious), I wouldn’t complain if a Sonny’s BBQ opened nearby. We’ve been to one of the Georgia locations off I95 a few times and always found the food to be excellent.

Raising Cane’s isn’t great. Passable at best and I wasn’t all that impressed with Bojangles, the biscuits are better than Popeyes but the current Popeyes biscuits pale in comparison to what they once were.

The article says that L&L Hawaiian BBQ is in NY - well yes, but Evans Mills up near the Canadian border is pretty far. They used to have a location downtown near the Seaport, but got washed out after Hurricane Sandy and never came back. I really loved that place and wish they’d open up around here again. Their kahlua pork and cabbage is the bomb.


OK here are my votes:

1.) Jack in The Box. I remember them being in NJ in the mid 70’s I don’t know what happened to them but I want them back! (there was one across from the Menlo Park Mall, it’s now a cell phone store for a long time it was a Mini Mac-drive through only Mc’Donalds)

2.) Pals, just because it looks crazy, they don’t owe anyone and we need a good hot dog fast food place. I love my Windmill, but I think the market for fast food hot dogs is wide open. (yes there is Portillo’s on the list but they don’t have as crazy decorated locations so they lose)

3.) Isn’t Pollo Tropical the fast food place from Breaking Bad? If so I want one of those just for the tie to the show, if not, then I don’t care. lol


Those two for 99 cent tacos with mystery meat paste are a must have every couple of months or so. Whataburger would be a nice addition but I don’t see them expanding that far north.

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I’m really curious as to why keeps rerunning old columns like this. Is it because Pete Genovese is the last man standing in terms of food reviews? When I see that someone was originally published in May 2016, I don’t bother reading it most of the time.

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