Fast Food Forever: NYT article

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My McDonalds order once a week large Diet Coke light ice.

Once a month add a medium fries to that

I’m trying to cut back on Diet Coke so if I’m going to indulge I’m having the good stuff


“ A big part of that problem had to do with children, who were seen not as informed consumers but rather as victims of their parents’ choices, the industry’s predatory advertising, or both. In fact, the inspiration for “Super Size Me” was a lawsuit filed by two New York City parents against McDonald’s, claiming that the company’s food had made their children severely obese.”

Oh please.


The article mainly shows the importance of parents in guiding (and avoiding) fast food. I can’t understand how parents let their kids eat mainly burgers, hot dogs, pizza and similar (fast food) things.

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Because that’s what the parents are eating

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That’s the chicken and egg problem

In your example, it’s a chicken problem.

But the chicken in that problem were once also an egg and got “wrong” guidance

That’s a pretty big assumption.