[Farringdon, London}- Good Banh Mi

I came across this place today, I think it’s fairly new. TBH I’ve been pretty disappointed with a lot of the banh mi places in London. There were a couple of minor niggles but otherwise it was pretty good. First the slight niggles, the bread could have been crisper and smaller slices of chilli and not having a deleaf your own coriander would have been nice. However the filling was excellent. Lovely bbq pork that was sweet and tender. No pate more of a fine pork paste/mince but it added a great savoury edge, The fresh cucumber and carrot really freshened everything up and stopped it all becoming too rich. The Vietnamese coffee was not bad either.


I like banh mi where crunchy, sweet-sour pickled carrot & jicama are incorporated into the sandwich filling - lends a sharp tang which undercuts the richness of the pate-like meat/ham component.


I’d probably be into this - shame about the bread though. I find the pate can be a bit much sometimes! Will certainly check it out.

me too. i love that pickled stuff. don’t always get it in london. love a good banh mi - even a fusion one

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Thanks @paprikaboy for the tip! Quite near my workand I have passed it, but haven’t popped in yet. How do you think they compare to moi an and banh mi bay down the road?

I do miss the ease of getting a well constructed banh mi in London. So much choice in my hometown Sydney!

Is it like in Toronto, Dean? They are stacked in the window almost to the ceiling sometimes and they disappear so quickly it leaves you breathless. They used to cost $1 but have crept up to $2. then we have Banh Mi Boys, who have elevated the banh mi, and would make a killing in London!!!


I haven’t tried moi an. I preferred the bread at banh mi bay but though the filling was better here.

Ok cool. I’ll try to pop in soon and see how I find it. The way you’ve described it sounds a bit similar to moi an’s baguette, so I’d suggest you pop in there and see how you find it!

Yes. A lot of Vietnamese people came to Sydney and set up bakeries. Besides the usual Australian baked goods, many offer “pork rolls” as well, which is the localised name for banh mi. As always, some are better than others!

there’s a tiny banh mi place on stoke newington church street. smaller than i’m used to and the meat wasn’t ‘real.’ but the flavour was nice and the roll was very crisp and fresh. also cheap at £4.50. www.banhmietc.co.uk/ i remember Keu on old street having nice but pricey versions, and the hoi-an banh mi on graham road (hackney central) being decent - you can even get grilled monk fish. (although i make better hanoi fish!)

Anyone know where I can get decent banh mi bread here? Cant find any batons with the same floatiness as Vietnam :frowning: I haven’t looked that hard so being pointed in the right direction would be fabuloso, thnx

Thanks for the tip. I went last week. I had the Hoi-An Special - Vietnamese pork roll, pork char siu & egg omelette banh mi. The bread was really good, a thin smattering of pate and enough pickled carrot and coriander to cut through it all. Char siu was a little dry but it tasted good.

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yes, it’s not bad there. i think the one on stoke newington high street has nicer bread etc but hoi-an is very local to me

I’ve attempted to eat at Anjoy twice. The first time they’d run out of baguettes, the second time they were all locked up. I’m hoping that being closed was a blip rather than them closing for good. I’ll report back if I find out more.