Farmstead in Napa

Son and DIL returning to Turkey, and last night we said goodbye at Farmstead. We were there the last night before the Pandemic closures, the first night they re-opened. It seemed a little quiet for a Friday night.
Starters were ham biscuits; always a favorite for the table


A delicious squash, topped with I think pepitas and a salsa verde

And my personal favorite, smoked chicken wings with Alabama white sauce and pickles

Daughter had a roasted beet salad ( I missed a picof her Dungeness crab roll; a tough choice but the highly revered cioppino was deemed too much work.

Mains included a side of crispy Brussel sprouts

I had one of the specals; lamb rib (chops?), not quite rare enough, but a surprisingly good farro and mushrooms in a creamy sauce

Husband had his usual; and satisfying pork chop

And son, the requisite burger with an egg on it

DIL had the same, without the egg, if you can imagine that.

And deserts;

and the amazing water buffalo ice cream, at one point said to be made with no added sugar!

A loud table, fond of explitives behind us, and a bit more expensive than it used to be, but no more so than the other places we frequent in the area, and the service is good.

Well worth it to us.

In and Out tonight, for the last hurrah.