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Farmworkers: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO

This 25-minute video contains strong language; please don’t watch if you may be offended.


I tried to post the above thread in the Media section but messed up and couldn’t delete it. Much of it does apply to Californa, though.

On KQED FM radio 88.5 on April 18 at 9 am repeated at 8 pm then archived

California water: For farmers or fish?

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No farming news but a beautiful view of the Super Bloom this month on the Carrizo Plain in California.

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Apr 212023

According to the Farmworker Health Study, published this year following in-depth interviews with more than 1,200 farmworkers across California, between one-third and one-half of farmworkers surveyed suffer from chronic diseases, including diabetes and hypertension. The vast majority are considered either overweight or obese. Many of these conditions are linked to “social determinants of health" like socio-economic status and a lack of access to primary care and health insurance coverage. PBS NewsHour digital anchor Nicole Ellis speaks to KVPR’s Kerry Klein about her reporting in Central California

Caleb Pershan in SF Chronicle -

Top: Musette, a 5-year-old doe, is one of the top milk producers at Pennyroyal Farm, a winery and creamery in Anderson Valley. Above: Musette’s kids, Bluegrass (left) and Bossa Nova (right). Bottom: After milking, goats at Pennyroyal graze in fields. The animals and the vineyard enjoy a symbiotic relationship. Photos by Lauren Segal/Special To The Chronicle