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Tour of Gold Shaw Farm

Making Maple Syrup on the Family Farm


The website was founded in 2015 by Kittay, a publishing veteran and former Lingua Franca editor, as the “New Food Economy” — an outlet that would cover a shift in agriculture thought away from the dominant industrial modes towards regenerative farming and sustainable food.

13 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Farm

Adventures in Gosling Hatching (START to FINISH)

Jonathan Kauffman in the New York Times -

Few weeks ago I took kids on tours to all the robotic milker farms in the area. Wow, what a variety. Most of the old school dairy crowd has switched to beef, which is the #1 cause of death among dairy farmers.

But this 80 cow rotary parlor, was amazing. All the robotic milker farms had free roaming cows that just show up and milk on their own. When my neighbor was organic dairy, he’d milk 27, and I’d take over when he left town for vacation. Things have come a long way, but I so miss getting bulk tank milk. I always found milking relaxing; but there’s always that one cow (Grace was the name of Satan cow at my neighbor’s) that roughs you up. I asked my neighbor to call me when her last day was, and Hormel took her away. Adios… GRACE!!!

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Let 'em bee.

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