Farmers markets in these times

Are the farmers markets in your area happening? If so, what procedures have been put in place for safety of venders and customers? Our market (in CT) has on line or phone ordering from farmers and a pick up arrangement of time scheduled car drive by.

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Our usual market is closed and a decision about June’s event has not yet been taken. It is nowhere near safe enough for me to consider going, regardless of what measures they might put in place.

We haven’t been yet either. Still a waiting game.

I haven’t been out enough to check the one down the road from us, but it’s basically contactless: they put baskets of produce out along with plastic bags (you have to leave the baskets) and a locked cash box with a slot on top. It is just a stand for the one farm, which makes a difference. I don’t know if they’ll open, but they could.

I’m particularly missing farmhouse Cheshire cheese and sausages from free range, rare breed piggies.

Quite a variety of methods here in nj. Some are pre-order, pre-pay, drive by & pick up. Some have limited their vendors to farms only. I did one Sat that was pretty standard with 10’ spacing between vendors, 75 person limit, everyone masked, one direction flow, 4 uniformed sheriff’s supervising & all vendors certified by the local board of health. Another market I do is fair weather only because they dont use their indoor option right now.

Nearly all of the Bay Area farmer’s markets are open. Everyone is wearing masks, but while 6-foot distance is generally maintained on the lines it’s nearly impossible when one is walking around. I got a bit of a panic attack at the big one at the SF Ferry Building, but at my local ones I’m not as worried. They’re all outside and you’re not hanging around people much. It’s been nice to still pick up good produce and fish.

I’d like to see more of that sort of responsibility. Way too little law enforcement of social distancing orders.

Well, here in nj we’ve had our share of Covid. But even before that, that was an exceptionally well run market with a high degree of cooperation & coordination between the county people, the DOH and the vendors. The woman who runs it is super diligent & thorough. It’s also located at the county agricultural center which is a working sheep farm. & it’s a great venue for us to sell our products.