Farm Fest at Fable in Ossining NY - Sunday June 10


I’ve never been to Fable but this weekend I am finally hoping to get there for their Farm Fest! They will be featuring Baked by Susan, Lex Taylor BBQ, Blue Pig ice cream, First Village Coffee, and lots more. It looks like the weather may cooperate and if it does it sounds like it’ll be a great day!

(Lauren D) #2

Sounds great! Looks family friendly too - I might bring the whole brood! :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing!


This was basically a mellower, less crowded version of the Croton MRKT yesterday. Again, a nice way to spend an hour or two. This had the added benefit of Lex Taylor BBQ (awesome brisket) and more Blue Pig flavors including brownie batter. We also had egg, bacon, and cheese sandwiches on Dam Good English muffins, which were so good that I bought a pack to replicate at home. The farm itself is pretty small but there are some itinerant chickens to look at and a nice open space for picnicking and for kids to run around. We’ll have our eye open for more events at this place.