Fancy Feast pop-up

Maybe it’s me, but this doesn’t sound like a particularly good idea…


Umm. Are you kidding me.

Then again, I bet the folks who buy fancy feast for their kitties will get a kick out of this.


I was placing a grocery order last week and searched for “salmon” at the store’s site. The first item listed was a fresh salmon fillet. This was followed by several varieties of salmon-flavored cat food and treats. Followed by frozen salmon fillets :thinking:

When I saw the title of this thread I immediately pictured cats eating from crystal bowls. As a human, I’d pass :woman_shrugging:


Fancy Feast “inspired.” We have a local, Coondog’s the name, who likes the stuff; not some “inspired” tripe.

Can’t wrap my mind around this - that’s what the overlord and supreme ruler of our house eats! Can’t lie though, sometimes when really hungry, it smells kind of good - it does seem to be quality cat food, the boss loves it.

I’ve looked at the labels for some of these (the overlord at our house eats Friskies paté and turns up his spoiled nose at the stuff the vet suggests) and had the thought that it sounds like a pretty good dish.

Don’t know if I’d pony up for this, but I don’t think it’s entirely off-base!

Hmm… two day pop up gimmick aimed at cat owners. Someone in the FF marketing dept. thought it was good advertising, and maybe it is.

As part of a dog-owning family, I don’t see a similar Alpo-themed event having the same impact.

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I don’t know…when I was shopping for my boys, I saw an awful lot that read like a people menu.

Shopping for dog food? Well yeah, nowadays the offerings are much better than in the past.

Oscar (who I affectionately the world’s most spoiled bulldog) gets mostly “people food” such as plain grilled chicken, sliced turkey, cooked strips of beef, some fruit and veggies, along with vet-approved dry food. Sometimes it’s easier, healthier and even more cost effective to feed him some of what the family likes.

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My first cat (RIP) loved crab. As he was quite ill before he passed and had little appetite, one of the few things he would eat was a $40 can of premium Japanese crab that I brought home from Tokyo. Anything for him…sniff …but dang, that was an expensive cat snack that I would have liked to enjoy.


I did the same with my Midnite (black lab/blue tick). Made him a portion with no salt, sugar, people junk. His last days, it was hamburger, ice cream, peanut butter toast. Miss him dearly. He died at the perfect time, though. That couldn’t have gone better. Thankful for that.

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The monarchs of this house love a variety that’s currently out of stock - unless you’re willing to pay $80 for 24 cans. I wonder if its analogue will appear on the menu.