Famous Kabab Cuisine in [Westfield, NJ]

Ever since Babur Garden closed in Ocean, there aren’t many options for Afghan cuisine. One restaurant is Silk Road in Warren and now this one.

Driving past Cranford, I noticed “Famous Kabab Cuisine” in a plaza in Westfield.

I was told they’re most known for their kababs, but I went with:

Dough - a mint yogurt drink with cucumber pieces

Aash - a noodle soup with (frozen vegetables), spices, mint, and yogurt. Good soup, better when experimenting with the green and red chutneys, and yogurt on the side.

Qabli Pulao - Afghanistan national dish, rice with carrots and raisins. (Very good)

Aloo bolani, a thin crepe/pierogi filled with pumpkin was a star appetizer. (Fantastic)

Mantoo - steamed soup dumplings with minced meat, topped with yogurt and stewed chickpeas. (Were a little bit too firm for me).

All in all it was pretty good, not amazing, although I mostly selected appetizers and sides.

I would surely return to try additional items, like their selection of curries with some tandoori naan, as well as some of their kababs (looking at their lamb).


I’m glad you enjoyed your experience at Famous Kabab, thanks for sharing the review. Just out of curiosity how did you create the “photo album”? I’ve never seen pics formatted like that on the site, please share your secret to creating that. Thank you!!


I think it’s just a new feature. I simply used the upload function as I normally do.


Correction, looks like I hit the image gallery button on accident, and THEN hit the upload button for the images.


Ahhhhhh thank you!! Not sure if that’s a new option or not, but I prefer it to posting a wall of pics. Makes it easier to scroll through long threads too!! Thanks!

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Cool! Definitely my new default pic upload setting.

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