Family Style Dinner at Hot Kitchen Sichuan Style, Flushing, Queens

Nine of us shared a family style dinner at Hot Kitchen Sichuan Style. I love the fact that these dinners give us a chance sample a good proportion of the restaurant’s menu, so you feel you have a good sense of the restaurants abilities. Generally speaking, the food was well prepared. My favorite dish was the Double Cooked Pork Belly with Chili Leeks, least favorite was the rabbit We ordered the food spicy, which we presumed, in a Sichuan restaurant, would provide adequate heat. The spice level imparted a nice warm glow, with moderate numbing from the Sichuan peppercorns. Pepper heads might want to ask them to amp up the spice level. The Spicy Mung Bean Jello Salad was an effective palate cleanser. The Lamb with Cumin Sauce and the Spicy Chicken Sichuan Style were runner up favorites. I would definitely return. Prices were quite reasonable. Photos, in order, are of the following dishes.
Sichuan Pickled Cabbage
Double Cooked Pork Belly with Chili Leeks
Spicy Chicken Sichuan Style
Braised Tender Beef with Veggie and Roasted Chili
Hot Pepper Veggie with Roast Lotus Root
Lamb with Cumin Sauce
Spicy Mung Bean Jello Salad
Rabbit Red Plate


Thanks for the report!

How did they prepare the watercress? Saute? what’s the orange-y sauce next to the cress?

Looks delicious. I’d love it if I could be included in some of these group feasts. Used to get together with a CH group until nobody wanted to organize it anymore.

Yes, lightly sauteed until just wilted. The orange “sauce” is just some chili oil from another dish, as we used the serving spoons interchangeably.

Looks fantastic. I haven’t been out to Flushing since Christmas; I think it might be time for a trip! This place is right near the 7 train, as well. Bonus!

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If you’re still on CH be sure to pipe up next time a meetup is mentioned! We just went to brighton beach last friday night and will likely do another outer boroughs fri pm or wknd meetup in july

I’m still on CH, but rarely.

Or you can propose a feast here like these folks did.

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Thanks for the info guys. :slight_smile: