Family friendly brewery

I know there’s been some great openings in the area recently - looking for one that might have food, too. We have an 8 week old that tags along now :slight_smile: have family visiting this weekend thought it might be a fun outing, and be a glimpse back into life before baby :slight_smile:
North shore is ok, Boston metro also good.

Check out Jack’s Abby in Framingham. Always lots of kids there and the food is solid.

Nightshift(and Bone Up next door) in Everett and Aeronaut in Somerville both have babies there often in the afternoons on weekends.

I second Jack’s Abby. I’ve enjoyed everything there food-wise except the rather bland vegetarian polenta dish and it is a busy and casual place where even a fussy baby would be welcome.

Jack’s Abby is solid and you won’t have the only stroller there. Great food, great beer, great people.

Had a salmon BLT at lunch there on Thursday that was awesome. Kids will have fun checking out the industrial-scale fermenters etc. through the big windows.

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Market stall in Lima
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