Fall River, MA--Possible list for future report, anything to add?

I’m on vacation next week in Narragansett, RI and me and my brother (aka @hyde) are thinking of a day trip to Fall River for a food crawl. Last time I went myself I went to Sagres and it was pretty good, but likely will skip that this time 'round.

Have identified a few stops so I thought it was worth a thread in case anyone has any additional suggestions. If all goes well I’ll just update this with a report from the front next week.

So far, things that seem worth a look are:

–chow mein sandwiches at Mee Sum (the lowbrow classic at the source!)
–Chaves Market for homemade chorico (natch, but if someone wants to argue for Mello’s or Gene’s I’m all ears)
–Sam’s Bakery for Lebanese meat pies (buying extra to freeze here)
–Graham’s Hot Dogs (hot cheese sandwich!)
–Joe’s Shish Kebab
–Marcucci’s or Marzilli’s bakeries for grinders/bread

that’s the top tier. other possibilities: Highland Pizza for a chourico/linguica pie, St John’s Restaurant (pork and clams is my favorite Portuguese dish), maybe Barcelo’s Bakery or Roger’s Coney Island Hot Dog. If anyone has any suggestions or recent experience out this way, please chime in.


Hartley’s Pork Pies. They have several flavors as well as the eponymous pork in both single-serving and large sizes, also various baked goods. I especially like their French meat pie and like to have one in the freezer for an easy and hearty cold-weather meal. Closed Sundays.

ISTR Patti’s Pierogies as being good too.

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oh, ha. great tip–I often went to the branch in Lincoln when I lived in Attleboro, but I had kind of forgotten that the main thing was in Fall River. Thanks!

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Not really helpful on your Fall River visit, but Matunuck Oyster Bar is absolutely worth a visit if you are in that Narragansett area. It would be good to go at an off time - we went in April on a Friday after lunch hours, and it was still packed.


cool! my gf sent me a link to this place today, so we’re probably going, heh. I’ve always heard good things about it. any other tips down Narragansett way? I haven’t been for like ten years. We almost always do the Evelyn’s/Gray’s double in Tiverton, I usually eat some clam cakes at Iggy’s or Aunt Carrie’s (though every year since when I used to go to Rocky Point these seemingly have more cake than clam, but y’know, nostalgia), Crazy Burger is at least decent. Also usu. go to Jigger’s in E. Greenwich for johnny cakes and sometimes I make the long run to Allie’s Donuts in No. Smithfield.

If you (or anyone) has area intel for Narragansett or environs, would be glad to hear it. Can easily split it into a new thread!

The oyster bar is on DH’s day-tripping-fishing route, so we don’t really have much for dinner destinations…sorry. (we did like Iggy’s, and saw lots of people at Allie’s - definitely will try it next time!) We tend to stop in Providence on the way home for dinner, which probably deserves a new thread of its own.

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yes, please! pretty much no reports from the front from this area at all here, unfortunately. I love Providence and it’d be great to hear about anything down that way. I miss li’l Rhody since I lived in Attleboro.

We love Plum Point Bistro in Saunderstown, RI. The chef/owner owned Rafael’s in Providence; our wedding reception was at the original Raphael’s on Chestnut St. in Providence, which was ahead of its time 32 years ago!