Fakespot.com NJ restaurants that pass or fail


Have fun with this… let us know what you tried and the rating. Another member posted this but I wanted to see how NJ places rank. I will play around later. So far I tried two this morning. Bombay river in red bank, the new spot, got an A. However, it only has 7 reviews so I’m not sure if that is enough info to accurately rate a place. Then I tried neelam and it wouldn’t work …could be my phone.

This could be a fun thread if this thing actually works


I tried two more…

Undici got an A but said something like “this page is old” and you can analyze it again. So I did and it got a B

Catch19 got an A

(Greg Caggiano) #3

Portuguese Manor in Perth Amboy, my favorite place, got an A. “90% high quality reviews” and “minimal deception”. This site could be a great timekill when I am bored.


Yeah I’m wondering who can find the first with a c or lower. Woodys in sea bright got an A

(Wayne G. Robinson) #5

I ran some of the usual suspects in this area. No fun, really - everyone came up with an “A” once refreshed.

So, yes, who can find the first cheater?

(Greg Caggiano) #6

I think you will find your answer if you scan social media and find restaurants people rave about but when you pass by there is nary a car to be found.

I thought I would have our first victim with Cucci Momma’s in Middletown. I remember seeing a Facebook campaign of thrilled eaters months ago but every time I drive by the place is empty and it is beginning to look run-down. But alas, even they scored a B.

(Wayne G. Robinson) #7

Got one - although it may be because the number of reviews is very small.


(Mr met) #8

you don’t think the reviews from Ks, Tx, and Nyack were real? OR that the one person from NJ who reviewed has two reviews total?

Have a feeling this may be a sh&tshow extreme kinda place…


Do you mean Tomo35 or Fakespot.com? Tomo35 has barely opened…as in, it’s probably just a few weeks at this point.

(Mr met) #10

The Tomo35 yelp reviews. Prob 100% fake.