Fajitas in Toronto

Hey guys - it’s my daughter’s 13th birthday - and her favorite meal is fajitas. We’ve enjoyed Mariachi’s on Yonge, but would like to try a new place. Don’t mind spending some money - but unfortunately with Mexican restaurants, as the menu price goes up, the chances of fajitas being on the menu goes down. We’re midtown, and it’s a week night, so travelling too far isn’t ideal. Any suggestions?

I haven’t had fajitas in Toronto for several decades. When I did, it was at Tex Mex places like Tortilla Flats, which appears to be still around. I know Sneaky Dees usually has them, but that might not be the right place for your daughter’s birthday.

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Thanks - I’d thought Sneaky Dees had closed - but I guess I had that wrong… It seems to make the fajita lists, but I think you’re right about not being the right spot for this occasion…

La CARNITA has fajitas as a special on Thursdays, not sure if that works for you. They have a new-ish location on Yonge north of Eglinton. Food is pretty good, but I haven’t tried the fajitas.
La Carnita

Sneaky Dee’s was at risk of becoming the site of a condo, but it’s still going.

(I checked, and Fajitas aren’t on the menu at El Sol on Danforth)

Wilbur on King W has them on the menu . I have only tried their fish tacos. The fish tacos were okay (maybe a 7/10)

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El Trompo

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Funny, I’ve been there half a dozen times for tacos or breakfast , and I had not noticed or ordered their fajitas/alambres.

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The boss move is to get some tacos at El Trompo and then head over to Dolce for a double scoop of Nocciola and Pistachio gelato.

Win win!


Have you tried Death in Venice on Dundas W? ( also available in tubs at Sanagan’s iirc)

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Only Mann’s version.

Not the gelateria. :smiley:


I’ve done both :rofl:

The Gelato is sweeter and less depressing.

Death in Venice is owned by a Turk, really interesting flavours.

Death in Venice (gelato ) and Good Behaviour (ice cream) are my current faves for frozen desserts in Toronto.

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Have you done both at the same time?


Ha! No!

The Canadian Opera Company was selling Bar Ape gelato bars at intermission last year. I didn’t check out the Gelato bar selection this year.

No treats inside the opera hall during the opera. I got in trouble for glancing at a text on my phone deep at the bottom of my purse during the last opera. (Not during Death in Venice, it was during Don Pasquale). I’ll be minding my Ps and Qs moving forward, and I’ll skip the Don Giovannis and Don Pasquales. I’m tired of that kind of plot.

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Thanks guys - appreciate the feedback… Like idea of La Carnita - but it’s the wrong night - hopefully another time this summer…

I think El Trompo is the winner - and good to be able to walk around the area after.

Appreciate the input.


A Pancho’s churro cone might fit with the Mexican theme!

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I see your Cone and raise you a Loop.


My recommendation is to NEVER try a new place for a special occasion. Go to a beloved old place, a place where they know you. You might even mention the birthday part, and they might go a little beyond the call. Always go where they’re glad to see you.
New place? They don’t know you and, beyond mere professionalism, don’t care.

I love trying new places for special occasions.