Fairway Pelham, NY now has Lobster Rolls

I used to hear about the Red Hook Brooklyn Fairway serving Lobster Rolls and wondered why we couldn’t have them in Westchester. Turns out they now have them in the prepared foods area (or at least the last two weekends I went). At $11.00 they are certainly worth it (comes with a side of cole slaw and pickles). I know Fairway gets a lot of hate on these boards, but they are certanly better than most supermarkets and the lobster roll is a good thing for them to carry. I hope other people will eat them because I want to encourage them to keep them as a regular feature.

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Is this a mayo salad lobster roll or a warm butter CT style roll? New England top cut bun or side cut?

Tail and claw mix or just claw?

I like Fairway… They have had them for quite awhile. Mediocre at best. Mayo salad style. Cold packed in the sandwich area. bleh.

By the way, claw/knuckle makes the best lobster roll. Tail, not so much. Too tough most of the time from over cooking, and not as good flavor. Tail is all about meat, knuckles/claws are about the flavor.

Seems like a mix of tail and claw though I cannot be sure. Definitely not a New England style roll (or hot with butter), but perfectly acceptable in that it does not contain fake crabmeat. I have never seen them at that store before, and I have been shopping there almost every week since it opened.

Agree. Tail is tough because it, not claw, is the workhorse of the Lobster, propelling the creature back and forth.

Mostly claw and knuckle- some sort of seasoning ( I think)that seemed a bit “off”. Mediocre at best (as already stated).They look to be stuffed in the bun decently,but a tiny bun. Probably an $8.99 value (at best) but sells for $10.99. Would not get it again.The best part was the pickle that came with it,2nd was the cole slaw,followed by the lobster roll itself.

Comes with a small sample of chips in Stamford Fairway. Agree ordinary and over priced for retail. Packed in ice so the bun is cold.

Give me a warm buttery ct lobster roll any day, preferably on a sunsplashed day at the Sound (or any body of water.) C’mon, Summer.

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I’ve never tried them. but Stew Leonard’s has lobster rolls all the time. I don’t eat them so I don’t know how they are. They’re $8.99 each, also come in a 2-pack for a lower per-item price. Doesn’t come with anything else.