Fairway converting to ShopRite in Pelham Manor!

Passed by the big Fairway Market in Pelham Manor and saw the signs. The new owners are converting the space into Shop Rite. They already operate several fairly close by, including New Rochelle. Any thoughts?

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Not really a surprise. Fairway really hasn’t existed since the big money (hedge fund) poured in to expand. The new stores introduced higher prices and less choices, hardly a winning combination. Shop-rite operates fairly large space stores and may have an image of better pricing. Their pricing is similar to most markets in the ny area - relatively expensive. A fairly large selection but very much a traditional market. I think the area will be better served , even if the particular store is no longer a destination.

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The new owners already run several ShopRite stores in New Jersey, so this isn’t really a surprise to me either. It’s a good sized space and there’s plenty of parking. Good location too–right on the Bronx/Westchester border and easy to get to right off the Hutch.
And absolutely better prices!

ShopRites are run independently, and the owners of the New Rochelle, Scarsdale, White Plains etc. are not the same as the Pelham Manor location.

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L - a good location, now that most cars can’t just be hot-wired and stolen. Years ago that lot used to have cars routinely stolen. Technology really did put an end to that for the most part. I do hope they have lower prices, it’s all relative as neither acme (which sounds like it should be cheap) but isn’t or DeCicco, where you expect high prices are places to save and that just leaves shop-rite or stop & shop as large markets in southern Westchester. None are exactly a one-stop place to save$$

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Ahh, so you remember when the space was Korvette’s and Caldor! The easy on/off location is part of what made it good for the car thieves back then.

I do OK with ShopRite and Stop and Shop, but I really miss Pathmark! That was my one-stop-shopping for many years. Once in a while I go over the TZB to Aldi in Nanuet to save on cereal, cheese, snacks etc.

Sure, used to get my records at Korverttes. As far as Aldi is concerned, I’ve been to the ones in The Bronx. From what I’ve seen not much of a destination but The Bronx locations may not be representative.

Aldi is good for me to get cheese, snacks, candy cereal. It’s a once in a while destination, but the prices are good.
I find the Bronx Aldi way too crowded and busy.

You forgot K-Mart in that space. Anyway, another ShopRite should be fine although there already is one just a few miles up in New Rochelle.

They also bought the fairways in Manhattan and run them under the Fairway name. Generally speaking, no one i know is happy with what Fairway is these days. I live in NY and work in NJ so i go to both Shoprite and Fairway plus other markets. I find that the fruits & veggies @ Shop-rites (Lyndhurst + Paramus suck). Fairway is now only if i’m in the area. It used to be worth a detour, no longer.

I still shop there out of habit and also because the wine store is still good. However, the dumbing down process has been ongoing for a long time now (in the early days I was encouraged to think it might remain like a Fairway. But not anymore). It is most notable in the cheese department, the hot sauce aisle, and the jarred olives (they only seem to carry a few very standard brands). There’s a lot more space devoted to junk food.

The only upside is that the prices seem reasonable and it is possible to buy mundane things like kitchen sponges there now.

That said, if it were not for the wine store, I would probably shop somewhere else. Like a combination of Super Stop N Shop and DeCiccos in Eastchester, both of which are closer to me. I only drove to Pelham Manor because when Fairway first opened it was so good that it was worth the detour.

I do not understand it because years ago I went to the Shopright on Central Avenue in Scarsdale/Yonkers and it had a lot of interesting and unusual products. The one in Pelham is nothing like that.

And I doubt they will ever change because it seems a whole lot more popular now. I guess people just want cheeze whiz and ritz crackers.

Thank god for H Mart and DeCiccos.

I’m with ya. The NY Fairways that are left (and owned by a shoprite operator) are tending to mass market stuff. Pioneer women, etc. They’ll get business because in NYC it’s about location, who wants to carry groceries another block or two. That said, many of us are so disappointed. I drive up to Westchester to DeCiccos for meat and veggies.