Fairfax district lunch date: Badmaash, Canters Bakery, New Beverly Cinema (LA, CA)

Hello this is a ten year old vegetarian’s review of badmaash.
I thought this restaurant was very good. The mango lassi was a perfect combo of sweet yogurty goodness.

It was a little sweet and a little yogurt and really tasty :yum:.The original samosas were quite tasty.

I loved the combo of potatoes, peas and spices.the sauce it came with was a little minty and sweet which I thought goes perfectly with the flavors of the samosas. The onion fritter was so crispy! I loved how well the salty onion fritters balanced perfectly with the sweet yummy tamarind sauce.

. My personal favorite thing I ate was the perfectly savory buttery dal with naan. The dal was a buttery salty sweet delicious masterpiece🤌🏻.

The naan was a beautiful yummy bread that paired so well with the dal.

Canters review
Ok this is heaven for me because they give out free cookies :cookie:! We got some challah, rye bread. We also got some cheese and salami for my brother. Great service and great cookies.

New Beverly Cinema review. I got a Frostie strawberry watermelon soda and twizzlers. Free popcorn!

The soda was unique yummy experience for me first it was fizzy than a burst of refreshing fruity goodness hit my tongue. I thought the twizzlers were really yummy and chewy.
Come back next week when I review something else foody!



You are my new favorite food critic chienrouge jr!


Thank you for responding to my food blog.
I am very happy to see that someone saw my work. Thank you for your comment.

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From one Los Angeles-area vegetarian to another, thank you for a detailed and wonderfully descriptive review!

What did you think of The Dark Crystal? The skeksis always remind me of pangolins:

I thought it was cool!


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