Fabulous dinner at Rintaro [SF Bay Area, SF, Mission]

Fabulous meal with the lovely @mariacarmen and her lovely sis at Rintaro. We shared the yellowtail amberjack sashimi - the fish practically melted in your mouth, the black cod, the tonkatsu, grilled king oyster, chicken thighs with sansho, and chicken oysters (those were so amazing we got another order), hamachi kama, and pork soup dumplings with chicken feet jelly. Impossible to pick a favorite dish.

Two wonderful bottles of Austrian rosé to go with.


I think that’s the same fish I caught in Mexico. (Actually, caught 3 of them. They are strong mofos and will struggle to the bitter end.)

Fish collars are underrated. Everyone wants “boneless fillets”. More collars for me and everyone else in Japan. Ones I have eaten in Japan were so succulent. (This was a couple of weeks back in Amami. Moist like salmon belly. Btw, I was told to turn it over, it’s easier to eat.)

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That looks and sounds delicious. Has been on my list of places I want to go for a long time. Damn Covid got in the way of my Sf dining forays.

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We had absolutely no trouble getting all the succulent morsels of collar meat :wink:

The fish barely put up a fight. Maybe it’s you? :joy: