F1rst Restaurant

We enjoyed an outstanding post anniversary dinner at F1rst restaurant. It was our first, but definitely not last dinner here. Chef Adam Weiss is the Chef/owner. He has worked at several restaurants, including highly acclaimed Esty Street in Park Ridge, and Due in Ridgewood. He finally has his own restaurant. His sweet mom Hedy is the hostess. She told us a funny story about someone asking her where she got the excellent chef. She said ‘in my womb’ :grinning:
We enjoyed an excellent pork chop with Braised red cabbage, bacon-Brussel sprout-shallot-potato hash, apple chutney; herb crusted cod with Haricot verts, wild mushrooms, cauliflower puree, toasted almonds, garlic herb; melt in your mouth octopus with an nice char; crab cake with Granny smith apple jicama slaw, spicy cranberry remoulade sauce; tuna tartare with Guacamole, caramelized shallot crème fraiche, sriracha mayo, and blue corn chips. For dessert, we enjoyed an excellent deconstructed mounds bar with Coconut brittle ice cream, toasted coconut, bittersweet chocolate shell. It all went great with our favorite red blend and Zinfandel.


Happy Anniversary, Eli!

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Thank you Roz!