Experiences of a first time gardener

This year was my first ever since leaving my parents house that I have voluntarily planted a garden. The apartments where I live put in a raised bed garden for their tenants. It has been so much fun. I have a 4 ft x 5 ft space. I did some research before starting and decided to plant in 1 ft squares. I had some failures and some wonderful successes. Thanks to youtube, I learned how to prune tomatoes, cukes, peppers, and squash. Successes - radishes, sugar snaps, tomatoes, summer squash, spinach, arugula, poblanos, jalapenos, pole beans,basil, parsley, and garlic. Surely I forgot something. Planting in the small squares made it easy to take something up and replace it without a lot of trouble. failures - carrots, chives, black eyed peas, and some other stuff. I did take up my tomatoes when they slowed down their fruit setting and replaced them with two new tomatoes for fall harvest crops. One of the other gardeners stopped watching their garden so I took it over; It has tomatoes, peppers and a blackberry and a raspberry. It was amazing how a little water, a bit of nutrients and bam, it is looking good, producing fruit from all of its plantings. Making life fun and interesting here in the fly-over land of Oklahoma.


Looks like your hooked for life . Nothing like vegetables from the garden .


What area are you in? This is the first year (since my parents house ;)) that I planted in the ground instead of pots, and I couldn’t believe how huge the plants get!


Santa Cruz Monterey Bay California. We can grow anything here except for maybe melon.


Lol, we don’t really have the water in L.A. for melons either. Though my neighbor saw my garden and suggested I grow some next year, and he would turn them over to make sure they got enough sun. My sidewalk garden plot is about 20’ x 3’! Not sure how I could fit a melon in there.


Amazing results from such a small space.

My own garden is about 14M x 10M, but almost all of it is given over to ornamentals - shrubs, herbacaeous perennials and lawn. I do have one small strip, about 2M x 1M, where I grow perennial herbs (which have to be decorative as well as usefully edible) but that’s it for edibles.

Yes, my front yard is the same. I decided to use the sidewalk offset on the side of the house for a garden this year. The ornamentals were ugly, so we ripped them out. The side plot is nice, because it gets plenty of sun and is easy to keep watered.

Living the good life here in Tulsa, OK.


I planted a broccoli and a cauliflower today just to see if I can get them to produce. You may be right.