Exit 4 Mount Kisco

So I am just wondering about this place. I have not been there yet but have seen a few very positive posts on Facebook. They have some interesting vendors. Has anyone been?

A friend - and foodie - who lives in Mount Kisco has been and likes it.

Interesting idea. It brought to mind a place another friend and major foodie (he also liked his Corton-Charlemagne) - and the best boss I ever had, departed unfortunately - used to speak of near Mahopac - Dream World (I think). Anyone hear of it? It was a large place, a smörgåsbord I believe.

Apparently it Is the first ‘food hall’ in Westchester and I have heard good reports. The Times gave a nice rundown last weekend…

I’ll have to check out the times piece. I love the rotisserie idea. It ain’t just chicken!!!

We planned on eating there today … until we went in and took a walk around…The seating area was smaller than I had expected, It was hot, crowded, on the dark side and filled mostly with tweens. What we saw of the food did not look fresh…nothing appealed to us. Most of the staff working the stations were talking animatedly amongst themselves and did not make eye contact or any effort to interact with us … There was a pizza truck serving wood fired pizza parked on the street directly in front ?

They put a wood fired oven into a food truck?

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I suppose the mobile pizza truck could belong to the restaurant … It just seems strange that it would be fully operational while parked out front.

It could belong to Mario’s:


Or the folks that used to own A&S in Mt. Kisco along with Joe Bueti have a mobile pizza truck. I can’t remember the name of it but it is kept in the lot at Village Social. And Joe is related to the owner or Exit 4.

Yes - we had one at a company picnic - pizza was great. Big ole’ wood fire in the truck!

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Although not the exact truck we are discussing here, this the best picture I have of the type of truck we are talking about. This truck was photographed at a farmers market in NJ

Not related to the food hall in Mt. Kisco, but we recently had a delicious wood fired pizza off a food truck operated by Chef David DeBari’s Dough Nation, of The Cookery. It was stationed at the Bronxville Farmer’s Market…


That was a nice review you wrote about the pizza you had…the dough nation truck alternates Saturday farmers markets

Another pizza truck that is usually in Westchester County is Pizza Luca. Outstanding, some of the best pizza you will ever eat.

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Thx for sharing

Looks good. They are in Yorktown this week.

I passed today and the pizza truck was in front again. But this time I figured it out for sure. The pizza truck is owned jointly by Joe Bueti (Village Social) and the people that USED to own A&S. Those guys now run the rotisserie station inside Exit 4 and that is their pizza truck.

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Well that makes sense…thank you

Exit 4 as a group has been doing a lot of advertising on local cable. Has anyone visited lately? What’s good these days?

Husband and I stopped in yesterday for him to get a quick bite. He chose a burrito bowl from the BBQ place and pronounced it good, though overpriced. I tasted the brisket and it was nicely done, tender and smoky. We also had a beer and glass of wine - nice selections. We were there around 2pm so it wasn’t too crowded but I imagine it would be a zoo at normal mealtimes, as the space is a bit cramped.

We saw other people’s food coming out and IMO the best-looking offerings were from the sushi bar, though I can’t comment on the quality or freshness, obviously.

Sounds good! What is the seating like?