Everything you always wanted to know about White Rabbit Candy

(Gary Soup) #1

From the South China Morning Post:

“Originally launched by private company ABC in 1943, and inspired by British creamy candy, the sweets were first called Mickey Mouse Sweets, and the wrappers featured the famed Disney rodent. During the political upheaval of the 1950s… the use of Western imagery became politically sensitive. The rodent became a rabbit in 1959, and White Rabbit candies were officially launched.”


Funny, I have got some at home right now. The wrappers are classic.

(Gary Soup) #3

In the past I would track down the latest flavors when I visited Shanghai. My all-time favorite was corn, followed by tomato.

(For the Horde!) #4

Interesting story.


I remember this being the first true Chinese candy I had growing up. I also grew up with Botan and Sugus, which I never realized were Japanese and Swiss respectively until years later. White Rabbit was the gross candy that my sisters and I didn’t like. :smirk:

(For the Horde!) #6

I remember liking it, but not loving it. I will eat one if it is around. What I remember liking eating is the rice paper on the white rabbit candy. That is the highlight for me.

(Gary Soup) #7

On a topical political angle, 50% of Guang Sheng Yuan Group, which owns White Rabbit Candy, is owned by Newbridge Capital, a holding company founded by capitalist and Tibetan Buddhism maven Richard Blum, husband of California’s Senator Dianne Feinstein.

(Gary Soup) #8

Here is a recent flavor which was a little disappointing.