Every State's "Worst" Foods According to Thrillist

There are plenty of things on this list that I’d be happy to eat:

Geoduck is absolutely delicious. I still remember digging them out during low tides and eating them sashimi style.


I like Geoduck… I also love Brunswick stew and Raw Milk.


Pork roll and scrapple are two of the finest breakfast meats known to man (and woman).


That list is just so wrong.

First because it’s not pork roll, its Taylor (Swift’s) Ham.

We have firmly established a usage on the Jersey board, right @corvette_johnny?

Secondly because Taylor (Swift) ham is real ham chopped and seasoned, so it is freaking delishus with egg.

With regards to Connecticut, I love to eat clam pie.

I mean who doesn’t like a good clam pie, right @NotJrvedivici ?

Finally the Michigan road kill analogy is also wrong. Nothing wrong with venison you kill with your F-250 as long as it’s properly field dressed and seasoned and prepared with love.

So many things wrong on that list.

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Yep. Try it with oysters and regular clams too. A little wasabi in the tube, a clam rake and a small bottle of good Japanese soy. Yum.

Well that was a complete waste of my valuable clickbait reading time. Even dumber than most of these stupid lists.


It seems the author has a very broad definition of “grossest”. He actually said the geoduck tastes fine. He just doesn’t like the appearance because it looks like a penis…

a gigantic penis clamped in a clam-shaped mousetrap.

And you will see a picture. And it will make you feel sick.

The problem is that I don’t think it really looks like a penis… What is next? We stop eating banana and eryngii mushroom?


Yeah, well, I guess I just wanted HOs with whom I could commiserate. Just about every Thrillist list sucks.


Or, maybe, secretly likes it but can’t say so in print.

Could be on the down low…

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Pork roll and scrapple sound delicious. I’m not sure what’s wrong with clam pie or ham hocks either. Several on the list do sound as they deserve to be there though.

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That list reads like it was written by a finicky child. I know not everyone likes caviar, but…srsly?

“Most Idahoans subsist on a steady diet of steak, fried chicken, tots, and tallboys. But the state is also the prime producer of American beluga. Which is a fancy way of saying American caviar. Which is a nice way of saying big-ass sturgeon eggs from Idaho’s rivers. It apparently tastes like popping a salty miniature balloon full of fish goop and butter in your mouth. Also, it sells for more than $100 an ounce. So if you see it on a menu in Idaho… get the steak, fried chicken, or tots.”

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It does seem as if it was written by a 7-year old.

Who’s terrified of anything not on the children’s menu.


Another one of those 'I’m getting paid to write an article, so here goes!" things. If you can find more than a handful of Californians (or ANYWHEREELSERS) who have even heard of Goop, I might take the article seriously.


And how. At first I thought he wrote GORP which made (slightly) more sense. If I were to come up with one California-specific food that non-Californians hate I think it would be California style pizza, which has a mega-ton of finely minced vegetables and extra extra cheese loaded on top of it. I love it but obviously everyone in the Mid-Atlantic Pizza Belt finds it disgusting.


I actually rocked out a pork roll egg and cheese this morning. I think I’ve told you this but my relatives in new england get me to bring sleeves of pork roll up there since they can’t get it. It’s like a delicacy to them. How someone can’t like pork roll is beyond me. It is funny because the guy didn’t even knock pork roll. It was like he had nothing better to come up with other than our most “infamous” meat.


Try the refrigerator case at Costco, they sell whole 6lb rolls of delectable Taylor Ham for like $ 19.

Your relatives will love you.

I’m well aware sir! :wink: