Everett, MA--any suggestions?

Since my weekends have been mostly in Medford for the last year or so, I’ve found lots of places there and slightly northish that have been great. Though often largely bypassed by the Eater Boston/The Feed/The Globe food arena, I’ve found lots of value in Malden, Chelsea and Revere. (As well as Burlington and Woburn!)

But Everett remains mostly a mystery to me. I know there’s Nana’s Pizza, which is run by the same folks who own Ernesto’s in the North End. There’s also La Perle Caribbean, that looks really promising and should probably be the place I try and report back on as I don’t think that I’ve seen anyone write about that anywhere but Yelp. There are also some Italian bakeries that seem worth a look for Sicilian slices.

But is there anything else? It seems as if there are a lot of tacquerias/pupuserias, but it’s hard to sort out if any of these are better than others. I’ll do some groundwork if no one’s got suggestions, but I thought I might ask first if anyone has any pointers.

Oooh not able to help much but would love to hear any tips in Malden, Chelsea, or Revere!

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For Malden, I’m a fan of:

Golden Garden–good sour cabbage and bacon, great Three Delights aka potato, pepper and eggplant, also nice dumplings & etc. for their Sat/Sun AM fare

Go Chi–another solid Dongbei style place that’s downtown, really liked the twice cooked pork dish here

Sichuan Taste–quality Sichuan fare, not outstanding but good

Cafe de Lulu–great cheap eats at this Hong Kong style place that used to be in Chinatown. Real cha chaan teng food–many value lunch plates, awesome French toast and milk tea

Sun Kong–not spectacular for dim sum, but as good a cart service place as any of the ones downtown. if not better.

Sillari’s Pizza–underrated, high quality pizza at this Medford St place that is pretty much pizza only

Mandarin Malden–have only eaten at this Taiwanese place once, but enjoyed the versions of the Taiwanese classics three cups chicken and oyster omelette that I got here

a few other spots I’ve found in Malden are Dom’s (good sausage and sometimes they have amazing bread that they sell right in front of the deli counter), Monkey King Tea for puffle cones and takoyaki, Atlas Market for falafel sandwiches and Arabic groceries and J & R restaurant for Caribbean. There’s also the 99 Asian Supermarket on Broadway, which is one of the better Asian markets around.

For Chelsea I like Katz’ for bagels and Restaurante Sabor Especial for great, made to order pupusas. Ciao Pizza is on my list tor try, but haven’t made it yet.

For Revere I’ve only done enough groundwork to take in New Deal Fruit, a great Italian market with fantastic subs. I need to try Sabor Salvadoreno (I think it was galangatron who said they have good pupusas), Thmor Da for Cambodian, and maybe Las Delicias Colombianas. I’m also intrigued by Fedala Bakery, a Moroccan/French bakery that I think looks really promising.

Hope that helps!

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casablanca house of pastry on shirley ave (not to be confused with the former revere house of pastry located further down the street) is much much better than fedala bakery

ah, good to know. hadn’t even heard of this one. thanks.

tried out Nana’s pizza in Everett on Saturday. It was OK, but unspectacular. Good crispy crust on the pizza, decent sauce, good balance on the toppings. Dough seemed a little uninspring though, not huge amounts of flavor and maybe lacking a little salt. Not bad, just not all that exciting–I had been hoping for a little better given the Ernesto’s association.

For dessert we drove over to Elm Street Bakery, which was really nice. It’s just a little bakery in a neighborhood in Everett near to the giant cemetery. Things here were really good–they have a full assortment of Italian cookies, cakes and assorted desserts. The lobster tail I had was really good if pre-filled (so are the cannoli) and the pistachio cookies were flavorful and not mega-sweet. The s.o. bought a whole box of various cookies for her parents, though I haven’t heard the reviews on those. This is a cool little location with really kind and helpful staff. Worth a stop if you’re in the area.

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tried this place out today–it was great. the people are super sweet and the chicken bastilla had a delicious filling, though I think it would have been better if I reheated it later instead of wolfing it down in the car. the gf got some other kind of folded sandwich-y thing with tuna and olive that I got a bite of, and it had a nice tender filling and the bread part was moist with good flavor. We just made a quick stop and didn’t try the desserts or the coffee/tea, but would def. go back for those given the atmosphere there.

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