Ever Tried a Horseshoe Sandwich?


I’m still that young child who doesn’t like all of my food touching each other…


Heard about it but never been to Springfield. I didn’t realize the concept had expanded past ham to…Walleye???

A place here offered a version with chile con queso sauce that I tried. I can’t remember what the meat base was but the best part was the fries ---- the part of them that didn’t get soggy from the sauce.

I don’t even like ‘chili fries,’ I’m sure I wouldn’t like ‘cheese sauce fries’ by themselves.

Now fries dipped in gravy - that’s a different thing.


Another sandwich in the pantheon of sandwiches that include some form of fried potato. Glad to make its acquaintance.

In the Merrimack Valley area of MA where I roam, the Boott Mill is the local sandwich that includes fried potato goodness.

“When he sliced open a bun and stuffed whatever was on the grill inside, the legendary Boott Mill sandwich was born. Made with fried eggs, ham, sausage, bacon, home fries and American cheese, this artery-clogging meal remains as popular and quirky as ever.”

ETA: Folks who prefer salads to sandwiches need not be left out. The Pittsburgh salad has you covered.

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Stuff I didn’t know!
Cool :sunglasses:
Thanks :cowboy_hat_face:

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