European restaurants - the future looks bleak

it’s going to be a shitstorm here too.

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I don’t think the article actually tells the full picture. There are many regions of Europe which are dependent on tourist euros. The season is often quite short - late spring to early autumn (say, the beginning of May until the end of September). This is, almost certainly, going to mean no business for them at all this year. It will be catastrophic in a way that will not affect, as badly, the cities that have custom from residents and, for some, tourism year-round.

Sad, sad, sad. We were to be in France, Italy, Croatia, etc. this year. It’s not to be.

Yes, in my area the New Jersey shore towns are dependent on May-September for the vast majority of their business–rentals, retail, amusements, dining, etc. This will almost certainly be a lost year for them. Who knows how many will survive, especially the rentals who depend on that income to pay the mortgages/taxes on their properties. (Come to think of it, the other sectors will have the same issue with leases/mortgages/taxes :cry:

ETA: And that’s to say nothing of Philadelphia itself. The vibrant restaurant scene is closed down, the tourist and cultural institutions are closed, it has already lost hundreds of millions from canceled conventions. But a shout-out to the Hilton hotel group–they are providing free accommodations to local health care workers so the workers can isolate from their families and walk to work and also keep their employees working at a time of no tourists or business travelers.

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