Eureka! [ MV ]

An abbreviated note as I have to start prepping for a bbq this afternoon: I had been sniffy about this place, which is across from Red Rock on Castro, in that space where there had been a pizza place and an “american” place. It’s a mini-chain, it’s clearly derivative of Stein’s and all the ilk.

But, there’s a lot to like.

Food tends to be oversauced ( in kind of a good way ). All the three bar bites we ordered ( Brussel sprouts, shisitos, “riblets” ) had a ton of sauce, and that’s rare of faux-padrones. Still, each sauce was pretty good, and at Happy Hour prices reasonable.

Beer selection was a cut above, and that includes a cut above steins.

Clientelle was typical tech-mix, but a less “bro-ish” and a bit more mature ( people like me :slight_smile: ). Maybe that was the hour - we went early on the friday before a long weekend.

All in all, if I lived nearby, it might be my regular beer-and-a-burger place, it might be one of the better places on Castro now ( certainly in the running ), and depending on how crowded Stein’s is, I’d certainly consider it overflow.

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Making noodles. Phongdien Town, Cantho City, Southern Vietnam.
Credit: CiaoHo