Eunice Cajun Restaurant - Openings in Houston

I wonder if this project is quashed. John Besh was in this group, though it seems the Chef at NOLA’s Luke was the lead and the restaurant is (was) to be named for his hometown. John Besh, of course, has withdrawn from all his restaurants in scandal.

I’ve heard a lot about Foreign and Domestic too, that should be something to look forward to.

I haven’t heard anything about Eunice in months. Aqui went ahead despite Paul Qui’s quite public problems but I’d guess opening a new restaurant in a city they’ve never done business in isn’t a high priority for that group. I’ve never gotten in to Besh on TV so I really don’t know what to expect.

Some of those others are already open. It’s too much for my brain these days. Used to be all we were subjected to were the breathless hype about new places in Montrose and the Heights; now there’s EADO, the River Oaks District…:roll_eyes:. Apparently the restaurant biz still thinks there’s lots of money to be harvested in Houston.

No kidding! The food people on my Instagram feed are constantly posting from places I’ve never heard of and it’s more than I can keep up with. I mean, Nancy’s Hustle is exploding on Instagram, and I’m “Nancy’s what??” Sheesh. Fourth biggest city in the US problems.

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Eunice is still a go. I can’t wait to try this food!

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Oh good news! I surely thought the idea was ditched. I’m in a NOLA mood, had lunch at Ragin Cajun yesterday.