eugene's diner - portchester ny

Anyone tried them?
I’ll admit to having only tried the parlor, and not enjoying it.
I was/is anxious to try Eugene’s, but the menu itself is a bit off-putting ,as one of the “features” is a fried bologna sandwich. The menu itself seems small, except if you want more of a "catered " event such as prime rib @$100 pp. Looks like it may be good for brunch.

I have not even seen the menu. I am a huge fan of the Cookery, so,I’m looking forward to giving this a try. My husband loves fried bologna!

@richb51- where did you see the menu?

But wait. A Fried Bologna Sandwich can be a thing of beauty.

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I’d hit it.


here’s the link:

Does that $13hot dog include any sides!?!

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come on , it works out to $1 an inch and they even throw in the mustard and kraut -
The one saving grace is they don’t offer it with ketchup.
But why not REALLY SPLURGE and go for the prime rib @ $100 pp.
Just goes to show what happens when you legalize marijuana use. LOL

I love a fried bologna sandwich but there’s no way I would eat it with that salad on top, nor on a bun (messes up the bread to meat ratio). Fried bologna on squishy white bread, bit of mustard. Basta.


I’ve done that when the house was empty, save for me and the pups.

Ridiculous. It must include a side. Right??? That’s laughable if not. None of those items are listed with a side and then the sides appear at the end of the menu. A hot dog and fries would run $19 if the fries are not included.

I’m going to pass on this one regardless. Too much other good food in Port Chester.

I may pass on it too. Really doesn’t look like a spot for dinner and if I’m going that far from home, I’ll hit up The Cookery.


Doesn’t look like anything other than the “Large Format” stuff includes sides.

That pricing is ridiculous although the roast duck for $35 pp including “sides n such” might actually be reasonable. It’s probably a mistake.

They changed the hot dog to $14!

From Westchester magazine, recent review
An aesthetic nightmare IMO

Did they (at least) make the hot dog one inch longer? At least then it would still be $1 an inch.
I think I will now give it a complete pass.

Since I don’t see a separate thread about, I’ll mention here that Westchester Magazine reviewed The Rare Bit in the new issue. I do not see the review online but they gave the food only 2 stars out of 4. Service got 4 stars and decor 3. Given that we waited a LONG time for our food when we ate there, I would have rated the service much lower.

More importantly (for me), my wife, son and I made it to the photo in the article! They had a photographer there shooting the food and dining room while we were there in March for a RW lunch (he did give us a heads up that we might be in a picture and asked for our OK). Oddly, only the fish & chips and a shot of tea being poured made it into the article, along with a photo of the dining room. He had a whole plate of food that he was shooting when we arrived.

A food supa-star!!! I just got my issue and all the dining pages are attached at the top! I managed to see the photo. I see they also reviewed Locali. Haven’t read that yet. I have no desire to go to The Rare Bit. Menu doesn’t appeal except for the Sunday rib roast.

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