[Essex County, Ontario]

I’m heading out on a road trip to Essex County.

Does anyone have any favorite places in Leamington,


or Kingsville?


I visited Leamington in 2018 with another Chowhound. The one spot we stopped for perch ran into some bylaw issues and has closed.

We also tried an ice cream parlour in Leamington called Sweet Retreat which seems to be closed.

I haven’t eaten in Chatham in some time.

I have not eaten in Windsor in decades!

Some Mexican Mennonite restaurants are located in Kingsville, and I’ve started this thread
Mexican food and Mexican Mennonite food in southwestern [Ontario], including Aylmer, Simcoe, Leamington , Kingsville and elsewhere

I will probably check out El Diablo, which serves Asian Mexican fusion.



I can buy these Lakeside Pickles, made in Harrow, Ontario, at Sobeys, Remark Market in London or Windsor, and at Doris Family Produce at the London Ontario Covent Garden Market downtown.

I have tried the European style Dills (which happen to be low sodium), Bread & Butter pickles, Cowboy Candy (pickled and candied jalapeños) and green relish so far. Happy with everything I’ve tried.

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Lunch at The Goose in Kingsville.

Lovely mushroom gnocchi and panko-encrusted Lake Erie yellow perch.

A stop at Lee and Maria’s for tomatoes, green onions and some local baked goods.