Esrom Cheese in Central Jersey?

Does anyone know where I can find Esrom (a.k.a. Danish Port Salut) cheese in Central Jersey (Middlesex/Monmouth counties)?

You can get it online at or

Have you checked with the Cheese Cave in Red Bank?

I’d also call Wegmans and/or Whole Foods to see if they can get it (if they don’t already carry it)…they have pretty extensive cheese selections.

Not Monmouth County but the Bay Head Cheese Store may have it.

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And that’s reminding me of the big wine/liquor store in Spring Lake that used to have a big selection of cheese too…

Found it: Bottle Shop of Spring Lake

Sickles Cheese dept is pretty extensive on knowledge, carry quite a selection and will order for customers seeking something specific.

edit to add: Shoprite of Hazlet, Dearborn and Delicious Orchards have decent cheese depts.

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Even assuming I would want to buy a perishable cheese via mail order, $23 for 7.5 ounces, or $49 per pound is definitely more than I want to spend. :scream:

Shoprite of Aberdeen has a decent cheese selection but not Esrom. I might try Dearborn after the holidays. (If the Cheese & Chocolate Shoppe were still around, I’d try there.)

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Don’t forget to ask them if they can get it, even if it’s something they don’t normally carry!

I’d call ahead and call around because holiday time can increase inventory selection and not all ShopRite buyers stock the stores the same.

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not exactly local- but not too far away if you strike out locally. The Pastosa on Forest Ave in Staten Island has a big selection. You can call them to see if they have it- I know they have French version. They might be willing to order if you don’t have if you get a cpl pounds or so…very customer friendly there…

They have a Pastosa in Manalapan!

Well, Amazon owns Whole Foods so there is a good chance that they might carry it, or can order it for you, without having to pay the shipping fee.


The forest ave location on the rock has a much bigger selection than the other locations to my knowledge

Maybe they can help you … it used to be available in Shoprite, Fort Lee many years ago

I don’t doubt it, but it’s accessible and maybe they can get it in!

Should we start an nj cheese thread? I now feel like eating some cheese after reading this! I don’t think we have ever had one.


try Cheese on Main in Ocean Grove - 732 775 1530

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