Esquire top restaurants 2023

If you’ve tried one, report back! Shockingly, there has been one in my little hamlet for a year and we didn’t even know it existed. Putting it on my to do list now.

Some gorgeous plates there, and I’m not surprised to see Foxface on the list, as it seems to be one of the new IT places in the city.

We tried getting a rez at My Loup for our upcoming Philly trip, but they were completely irresponsive to emails, so… perhaps some other time.

Irresponsive is so irresponsible :slight_smile:

Maybe the PNW “team” will collectively weigh in on the OR and WA places.

“Whenever I’m in the vicinity of Washington, D.C., I make it a priority to eat lunch at one of Peter Chang’s restaurants.”

Maybe back in the day I would say that, when he would disappear from place to place or even city to city. Before he became an industry.

Since I remember vividly what his cooking used to be like, I can’t muster as much enthusiasm for what he does now.

Oh, that’s too bad. It happens doesn’t it. You’re great and no one knows. Then everyone knows. Then you are too busy being great to actually be great anymore. Disappointing. It’s not even my coast but one hates to hear it.