Esperia Grill, Brighton, MA

This place has been on my radar for a while, mostly due to raves about their pork gyro on ChowHound over several years . Finally made it there last night, and everything they say is true. The sandwich is fantastic in all respects, from the puffy bread to the mix of sauce and pork inside. I asked for “spicy” as well, and the hot sauce definitely added another dimension. A steal at $7.95. The other food (avgolemono, lentil soup, and a chicken kebab plate) was not remarkable but perfectly serviceable.

That said, there was one fairly significant problem:
It took about half an hour of sitting at the table with nothing but water to be served an entree of chicken kabobs and the gyro, and 20 minutes even before soup came out. They were doing a steady takeout business at the time, (6:00ish) but we were the only table customers, so I’m not sure what to attribute that to. If we hadn’t been there with two small and hungry kids, it would have been a minor annoyance but as it was, I will think twice about whether to dine in with the family again. However, will definitely be back for gyro takeout!

My experiences with both the pork gyro (outstanding) and chicken kebab plate and avgolemono (fine) mirror yours exactly. I waited a bit longer than I would have expected but figured it was because they were cooking them to order. No kids though which makes it a whole different ball game.

The moussaka there is also excellent. I’ve had longish waits for food while dining in there, but never that long. I only ever order the pork gyro (sandwich or on top of a Greek salad), and the moussaka.