Eppes Kikn- A Jewish Deli Experience

Something for those who speak Yiddish (or miss hearing it) and who love deli. It seems Michael Burstein/ has a show called Eppes Essen and here he is with Perla Karney in Factor’s Famous Deli.

(If only I lived closer to a real source for deli; I miss it so much. And given where I live in the UK, I also miss Jews.)


Gib a kik:


I watched this after it turned up on my YouTube feed. I don’t understand or speak Yiddish, except for the occasional word, but it was fun watching the food and the people eating it. Made me very hungry!

Thanks for posting this. I grew up in Montreal where there were enough Jewish delis and deli-style restaurants that one could probably eat at a different one every day for a few weeks at least. And hearing two older people speak Yiddish in lively tones (often loudly and lively) was a fairly common occurrence. Now (sigh) I’m living in an area where there are some nice delis but focused on all things pork. I think, though, the best part of this video was seeing 2 fressers with enough food in front of them to sustain a family of 8-10. That sums up how my family would order food at a deli. Pass the gehakte leiber.


Hi there. I’m a New Jersey guy. Grew up in a very loving Russian Jew/Catholic Italian home that celebrated every holiday, in each others language and never skipped a weekend gathering. By my 18th birthday, my siblings and I lost most of the elder clan (the remaining raised us) and the Yiddish newspaper was never far from the kitchen table…while ricotta cheesecake was baking. My wife (also from a family of wonderfully mixed cultures) learned Hebrew at my Aunt’s request.

This NJ deli is worth a plane trip.
Thanks for the YT link.

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