Enzina Pizzeria [Waltham, MA]

This place is right across the street from Domenics, and has the same owners. This is a very small sample of a single pie, but I thought it was quite good. I don’t know what style it is exactly [edit: their About page says “NEO-BROOKLYN”], but a medium-thick, bready crust with very good flavor (not surprising, since Dom’s sandwiches have always featured great in-house ciabatta). We had a simple Al Formaggio + “Pepperoni Cupp” pie, the ingredients all seemed good quality. It was a bit greasy which I suspect was from the pepperoni, but we’ll see next time. From this first sample, it does not replace Frank Pepe’s for me as the local (to me) favorite, but definitely will be back for more, and they have some other things on the menu from the Dom’s repertoire like arancini, pastas, etc.

Homepage | Enzina Pizzeria (getenzina.com)


oh, hadn’t heard about this and I love Dom’s. Thanks for pointing it out!

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Thanks for posting. We’ve been meaning to try it but just haven’t yet! It’s on the list. Pizza and lamb shumai. LOL

It’s quality, with imported flour, and the taste is good, but it is a bit too thick/bread-ey for my personal taste. I’m pretty low carb overall, splurging here and there to flex metabolic processes, so it may have something to do with that. It’s certainly a higher standard set for himself than any other shop in Waltham. Charcoal Guido’s, a couple doors from ex-Moody’s, does a decent pie that resembles Neapolitan. Enzina is going for their own vibe. I’d much rather have Enzina over F. Pepe, personally. And that’s from someone who once ate a whole plain pie and clam pie in one sitting at A Pizza. Enzina has a nice bite, it smells right, it’s just too thick IMO, throws the balance of ingredients off, for me. Otherwise I am a fan.

They opened maybe summer last year, it’s not exactly across the street but close enough a few blocks from Domenic’s.


I used to live near a pizza place that would “stretch a medium to a large” for us. It’s the only place I’ve ordered that but wonder if it’s an option. Looking forward to trying it.

Stellas in watertown does that with their 16" pizza . They stretch it to make their 18" thin. Its quite good but really needs to be eaten immediately and does not travel well


We tried this place last night via Door Dash delivery. We got both the Salsicchia and Romana pizzas (dueling sausage pies!). The toppings were well balanced and not overly greasy (the Romana was a touch so, but there is a lot of cheese on that one, plus sausage and potato). The sausage on both pies was outstanding! It comes crumbled over the pizza, rather than sliced for those of you who have opinions about that. We thought the crust thickness was fine. Leftovers held up well for breakfast out of the fridge in the morning. I am looking forward to trying more the menu.


I thought I had posted about this place too. We’ve tried it a few times now. We really like their pizza. It reminds me of the places I grew up with on NJ back in the 80s. Liked the chewy crust, good cheese, and agree love the sausage.


We got delivery tonight from Enzina - 2 quattro fromaggi. BF got pepperoni and sausage on his. I got roasted mushrooms and garlic and Calabrian chiles on mine. Just outstanding!


Just put in our order for tonight too!! Ordered the “stazione” I think it was called.