Eno Terra - Kingston NJ

We were invited to a party at Eno Terra in Kingston NJ last night. Never made it. But based on my experience I would stay away. What ? The parking lot is atrocious - not enough space. They only have valet parking. I drive a 6 spd stick, only me, my son(s), and Honda mechanics are allowed to drive it. I said I wanted to park it by myself. The essentially wouldn’t let me and told me there was public parking in an area that would have been dangerous for me to walk back from considering it was dark, no traffic lights etc. They parking attendants were rude and they lied. After driving one hour, we simply turned around and drove back home for one hour. What a waste, what poor service. Talk about extraordinary customer experience ? This was just the opposite. I would stay far far far away …

I wonder if their reticence at allowing self-parking has something to do with their liability/insurance coverage, especially if it’s a small and bad lot.

That doesn’t explain the rudeness nor the restaurant
Management not responding to my email.
No reason to ever return.