Englishtown Auction (NJ)

What are everyone’s recommendations for places to eat in Englishtown Auction?

Haven’t been in years. There used to be a guy selling grilled corn for like $10 an ear. Is he still there?

At $10 an ear, I suspect not.

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The corn guy is still there selling like mad. I don’t think its $10. The pizza place in the blue building is very clean & makes a decent pizza. Of course there’s the gyro place - booth 39 in the red building. Good gyros, moussaka & spinach pie. Note - NOT open June 16.


An exaggeration. But still expensive for a freakin’ ear of corn.

The original mail said #49, and I wasn’t sure if it was open yet. In any case, we opted for Cholula Mexican Restaurant about a mile down the road. Service left something to be desired, but the people were friendly, the food was good, and they had a carne asada platter with cactus and spring onions, so I was happy! Next time we might try going there for breakfast–they open at 9AM.

Corn seemed to be going for $2/ear (one stand was $3).

Sorry - typo. 49 is correct.