Engineers design pasta that morphs when cooked

This is intriguing; little grooves in the pasta allow it to morph into new shapes when cooked.


Wow! The thought never occurred to me to do something like that. But I like the fact that it reduces packaging and waste. Clever, clever idea!

Innovating idea. Although not too sure the pasta purists can accept this.


Intriguing, yes, but those shapes in the demos all seemed sort of similar to me. Straight things that curved. I’d love to see something able to be stacked flat like coins, become a shell or a bow-tie! But I am not the best judge of pasta.

Same feeling. One of the reasons why pasta has so many shapes, because they have different textures, thickness and the way the smooth or rough surface reacts with sauce.

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There are at least 300 types of pasta varieities in all autonomous provinces of Italia.

Short pasta, Stuffed pasta, Ribbon pasta, pastina types, long, short, medium, lengthy, twisted, ear shaped etcetra.

I have seen KENWOOD MACHINE (Amsterdam) and its metal discs which create a wide variety of pasta shapes, and truly, to be honest, I have enough selections not to bother making my own dough which is very time consuming unless, I am having a special birthday or celebration or holiday.

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Everyone complaining about the narrow selection of pasta is completely missing the point. The project was not intended to revolutionize all kinds of pasta. From this article:

“The research project didn’t begin as a culinary endeavor to remake one of the world’s most popular foods, said Lining Yao, a mechanical engineer at Carnegie Mellon and a co-author of the new study. Instead, in 2017, Dr. Yao and her colleagues set out to pattern and build two-dimensional structures that could transform themselves into three-dimensional shapes. ‘We were thinking edible material could be very interesting,’ Dr. Yao said. ‘We landed our eye on pasta,’ she said. It’s not only simple and ubiquitous, but has the added bonus of being ‘very rich in its shape design.’”


I understand why it’s a great feat of engineering, but it was the above shapes I was hoping to see.

Get out there!
Engineer your own pasta shape!
The door has been opened. Don’t complain you don’t like the view.

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I’m going to go with no more complaining.

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Very interesting articles.

Thank you for posting.

My big question is where are these pastas from ? If they are not made from 100% Italian eco flour, they are worthless to me … i wonder if Italy is preparing these pastas for Ikea ! Afterall, Sweden is not known for its wheat or pasta …

Ikea isn’t making (or selling) the pasta. The article compares the pasta to the way Ikea flat packs its furniture.

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Oh yes. Now I understand as I re-read the article.

It happens sometimes.

Thank you. Have a nice weekend.

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Transformer pasta! Although I didn’t really get the point of having the straight, thin, spaghetti like pasta curl into what looked like a wicked knot before serving.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold