Encore Casino review

Not mine, but the Globe’s review. I felt sad for Devra and sad in general. “Excess” is an understatement.

I didn’t see the review, but was she reviewing the casino overall, or just the dining options?

Probably behind a paywall if you’re not a subscriber.

Globe review

Yeah, don’t have a subscription. Oh well, just transcribe it for me… :stuck_out_tongue: (kidding, of course).

My co-worker’s daughter works at the Encore as a hostess in once of the restaurants (can’t remember which one). She said the food is good, but of course very over-priced. Everything in there is over-priced. I work close to there in Charlestown so we’ve been keeping an eye on the goings on there. We’ve heard it’s possibly the nicest Dunkin Donuts in there, and that the lines have been super long. That may be because it’s the cheapest food/drinks place in the casino.


Me too but I also admire how game she is.

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Just clear your cookies if you exceed the limit.

The Boston.com site will often post Globe content a few days after the story runs on the pay site.
The food section is typically worth a read.

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Thanks for posting–wish she tried the peking duck at Red 8, though. Glad to hear the positive experience at the buffet.

Yes, that is what has worked for me

I took my mom for a belated birthday celebration to the Encore this weekend. We got to hit their buffet to sample it too. I have never eaten at any of the Vegas buffets, but I’ve heard of how elaborate they can be. Personally, not a big buffet fan – seems to be mainly focused on quantity over quality.

The food quality was certainly better than most buffets I’ve tried, but it didn’t have as much variety as I would have thought (I guess a bit more scaled down from the lavish ones I’ve heard about). There’s a salad station, offering 3-4 salad options and then a few small, cold/room temp appetizers. There is a pizza station, Italian station (meatballs, cooked to order pasta), seafood station (with a few sushi options), roast meats station (prime rib, lamb and turkey), and then crab legs/shrimp cocktail station. The dessert station had a fairly sizable selection of ice creams and sorbets, fresh baked cookies, and then individual portioned desserts like cakes, creme brulee, meringues, etc.

While the food is good, nothing in particular stands out as being amazing. The crab legs seemed to be the big hit for the diners there, and I admit to having quite a bit of those too (crab is my favorite food!). Overall, it’s not bad value, IMO, as a nice dinner out in Boston will easily run $45/pp (weekend rate). No drinks though (water, soda is included; wine, cocktails, mocktails are not). My favorite things aside from the crab legs were the lychee and peach ginger sorbets, the warm cookies, the prime rib, and the mashed potatoes were really creamy and buttery. I wish they had raw seafood, but I guess that is stepping on the toes of the raw bar restaurant that is onsite. It’s a spectacle…like everything else in there.


yeah, I totally agree with the previous commentators

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People tend to go for the big ticket items at buffet. I can’t blame them as it’s the best way to get your money’s worth out of a buffet unless you gorge your self. What kind of crab legs do they serve? Hopefully king crab (my favorite). A friend was disappointed there were no lobster tails or other raw bar items at the buffet.

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They looked like snow crab legs, and I might have missed the signage if they identified them on the buffet. Considerably smaller than the king crab that I’ve had and it doesn’t have those lumpy, bumpy nodules on the side of the legs. But they were still sweet and good.