Empanadas! Get your empanadas!! (list of best in Jersey)

For those of you who like these;

I thought there was a newer thread with empanadas but I could not find it.

Anyway, I had amazing empanadas at a place called Fuze which is located inside the Monmouth Mall. I was skeptical because the Empanada Guy had a stand inside the Freehold Mall for a while (or maybe it is still there), and I did not think they were worth the hype. Actually, even his truck which is famous just does not do anything for me.

These are “made to order”, and take a bit longer than just picking out pre-made ones under a heat lamp, but it was worth the wait. I had one filled with their seasoned homemade mozzarella and another with the interesting combo of quinoa, kale, black beans, and cheese. Both were delicious. Great flavor, crisp outer shell. Not greasy since you get them hot out of the fryer.

No pictures because I ate them in my car after a few fruitless hours of Christmas shopping. But highly recommended.


You and me both. I honestly was surprised after trying his food truck that he was as popular as he is.